Guide for creating landing pages using Elementor (Wordpress extension)

Is Elementor the ULTIMATE LANDING PAGE builder?

Have you ever thought of creating your own landing pages for your business using WordPress plugins (extensions) such as Elementor, Gutenberg, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Divi Builder, Brizy, etc?

In today’s post by YUPMS’s editors, we’re going to show you how we can actually create LANDING PAGES that actually convert using our most preferred page builder known as Elementor.

If you haven’t heard about Elementor, here’s how it looks like.

How do you think about our preferred choice extension for building LANDING PAGES using WordPress? If you have the feeling of “getting sold” by just the introduction video.

You’re jumping to fast into conclusion, that’s because nowadays if we browse through our Facebook feed, Youtube feed, we’ll always come across advertisements setup by these software companies, especially companies that build plugins (extensions) for WordPress / other website content management systems.

Elementor can help beginners to advanced level non-web-designers like us create STUNNING-LOOKING landing pages in the MOST INTUITIVE & FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE. And still, able to create landing pages that are sufficient to impress the page’s visitors no matter which sort of digital devices it’s being advertised.

Before we dive deep into how we can actually begin building conversion-optimized landing pages, we would like to introduce more about Elementor’s alternatives that are worth mentioning.

At least if you’re an advocate of building a website using WordPress / you haven’t tried building 1 by yourself. Outsourced it to a web-developer / web-designer to do it for you.

Never mind,

Just a quick recap of the page builders.

  • Elementor: the MOST INTUITIVE & GENEROUS page builder (has over 30 elements for FREE USERS) in our opinion, initially it’s FREE but I believe the PAID OPTION is worth getting it too, it has tonnes of “widgets” (elements that we can display on the webpage according to our needs).
  • Thrive Architect: the BEST LANDING PAGE BUILDER for WordPress (according to IsItWP), and editors at YUPMS do believe that WordPress extensions made by Thrive Themes are really ROCK-SOLID. This is not a FREE BUILDER though, we have to pay for it, it costs 67 U.S. dollars per website.
  • Beaver Builder: the EASIEST PAGE BUILDER for WordPress (according to IsItWP) but in our opinion, it’s also 1 of the MOST AFFORDABLE WordPress page builder if you have to build lots of webpages for clients. Costs us 99 U.S. dollars for unlimited websites.
  • Brizy: the HYBRID VERSION of Elementor & Divi Builder, a WordPress page builder that combines the “best of both worlds”. The paid version is just 49 U.S. dollars for 3 websites (1-year license).
  • Divi Builder: the COMPLETE WEBPAGE BUILDER WITH 100+ DEMOS, not available in WordPress’s directory but the FREE & PAID VERSION is available within Divi’s website. The PAID VERSION is a little bit expensive though if we just need the page builder & not other Divi’s products associated with it.
  • Gutenberg: the DEFAULT BLOCK-BASED page builder that replaces the WordPress CLASSIC EDITOR. It’s not a TRUE DRAG & DROP FRONT-END EDITOR, but it’s much better than the classic editor. It doesn’t have all the extensive features like the other page builders but MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s FREE & GREAT FOR CREATING BLOG POSTS 🙂

Get started with Elementor by installing the plugin (extension)

First off, we have to FIND & INSTALL the Elementor page builder through the plugins section within WordPress’s dashboard.

Here’s how it looks like:

YUPMS's wordpress plugin dashboard

Do you notice all the Elementor’s related WordPress extensions? Those are all ESSENTIAL ADDONS for Elementor users if you decide to create stunning looking landing pages using WordPress.

And at the same time, maintain the performance of the website (webpages). Some plugins could be excluded from the list if we get the PRO. (PAID) VERSION.

Configuring settings for Elementor

YUPMS's Elementor General Settings
General settings for Elementor. Just follow according to the settings stated in the image, everything will be fine.
YUPMS's Elementor Style Settings (page 1)
Styling options for the page builder, most of the time. We just leave it as it is unless you really want to tune a lot on the FONT TYPE & other layout options for the page.
YUPMS's Elementor Style Settings (page 2)
Settings like “stretched section fit to” are crucial too & image lightbox. Feel free to change it if it doesn’t match your preference.
YUPMS's Elementor Advanced Settings
We kept the settings just like the default settings for this section.

If you do notice the few images shown within this section, you’ll notice that we don’t usually mess up with the settings too much. Unless it truly affects the entire styling of the page.

In other words, it looks BELOW OUR EXPECTATION when it comes to the content delivery part.

YUPMS's Elementor Tools General Settings
Same here, we didn’t amend the setting either. We left it as it is. Unless you need to enter into SAFE MODE for troubleshooting issues.
YUPMS's Elementor Tools Replace URL Settings
The instruction clearly states that we shouldn’t replace the URL with a new version unless we’ve transferred our domain / did some changes to the web-hosting side.
YUPMS's Elementor Tools Version Control Settings
Who would ever ROLLBACK the software to its previous version, unless forced to? As for the BETA TESTER, better not modify it too. Unless we really need to do so. Like you’re SUPER HURRY in testing the LATEST VERSION 😀
YUPMS's Elementor Tools Maintenance Mode Settings
This is really a GREAT FEATURE to have if we’re doing some content editing on a live website. We didn’t even notice there’s such an option within Elementor. Usually, we’ll have to download a SEPARATE PLUGIN for the feature.

Start building a sample landing page (Elementor style)

We have made a short video about how to create a simple LEAD GENERATION landing page using some of the BASIC & GENERAL WIDGETS (ELEMENTS) that’s available for Elementor’s free users.

What do you think about the tutorial? It’s really a simple version of the landing page made using the free version. And we haven’t even unlocked its FULL POTENTIAL by using most of its elements.

Some VERY IMPORTANT elements to create a stunning looking LANDING PAGE is only available in the PAID VERSION. But that’s fine unless you really need it, otherwise, the FREE VERSION with some Elementor extensions available in the OFFICIAL WORDPRESS DIRECTORY is good enough for most people.

The paid version widgets are suitable for web-designers / digital marketing agencies that require to build HIGHLY CONVERSION-OPTIMIZED landing pages, in specific SALES PAGES that’ll convert.

But, based on the current client that YUPMS is working with. We haven’t even upgraded it to the PRO. (paid) version but we still manage to create landing pages that satisfy THE CLIENT, and we believe the target audiences for the page too.

Due to a mutual agreement with the client, we're not able to disclose the FULL DETAILS of the project publicly.

YUPMS honor our client’s privacy with the HIGHEST INTEGRITY, if the clients had mentioned about the sensitivity of the assigned project. We have to respect the client’s decision.


Stuffs to avoid while building a landing page

Have you heard about this FAMOUS TAGLINE by Wix? It’s called “building a stunning-looking website with Wix”, the same concept applies to building a landing page too.

“Stunning” the page visitors these days is not just enough BECAUSE if your webpage is not getting traffic due to POOR PERFORMANCE.

How are you going to “stun” your page visitors if it doesn’t even appear on FIRST FEW PAGES of organic search results that often?

When most people are chasing to rank their webpage / website on the FIRST PAGE of search results, ON ANY SEARCH ENGINE PLATFORMS.

Some are even OBSESSED about being on TOP POSITION WITHIN THE 1ST PAGE. Competition is tough in the SEO world.

Worst still it’s not even ranked for the keywords (phrases) that we’ve included on the landing page. That’s just like CREATING A MASTERPIECE for ourselves to admire but not achieving the TRUE OBJECTIVE of the page.

Before we even talk about CONVERSIONS, gaining traffic is every website / webpage’s MAIN OBJECTIVE. More commonly known as BRAND AWARENESS, achievable in several ways but optimizing the webpage for gaining ORGANIC TRAFFIC is more viable in the long-run.

Unless you have TONNES OF ADS MONEY to spend, continue to “fund” giant companies like Google, Facebook & digital advertising companies alike.

digital marketing activities ROI (by smart insights)
  • Be VERY SURE about the objective of the landing page & discuss it clearly with the consulting freelancer / agency. Different objectives require DIFFERENT STRATEGIES & different costs incurred. If you do not wish to “pour money into the drain”, better follow the suggestions & strategies advised by the consultant.
  • Consultants care just as much for the webpage / website’s goal like the owner of the website / webpage. Don’t think that consultants are only here for the money & they will put the page’s priority objective on a SECONDARY LEVEL.
  • Webpages have to cater to the search engines & user experience at the same time, to achieve MAXIMUM EXPOSURE (BRAND AWARENESS), not just inputting the “ego” of the product / service provider. If so, forget about getting TRAFFIC to the page, cause it’s just not going to work.
  • Admit it, once we outsource a project to a freelancer / agency. The business owner has to lay trust in the relationship. Trust the expertise of the PROFESSIONAL, because if you don’t do so. The objective of the webpage / website would go OFF-TRACK.
  • And the myth of paying money to ads agencies / freelancers will MAGICALLY turn website / page into a “money making machine” / “conversion machine”. That’s far from true if digital advertising specialists DO NOT COLLABORATE PROPERLY with digital marketing specialists like copywriters with SEO & social media marketing knowledge.

Elementor FREE versus PRO. VERSION

Elementor Pro's price list
Drag & Drop WordPress page builderYesYes
30 Basic WidgetsYesNo
50+ Advanced WidgetsNoYes
Theme BuilderNoYes
Design-oriented Popup BuilderNoYes
Visual Form Builder + Popular Marketing IntegrationsNoYes
WooCommerce Builder + Over 15 Shop WidgetsNoYes
Dynamic Content & Custom Field Capabilities NoYes
Motion Effects Incorporate with Parallax & Mouse EffectsNoYes

More Pro. version features such as:

  • Access to pro. version updates
  • 24/7 premium support
  • 300+ pro. Templates
  • 20+ integrations
  • Live custom CSS
  • Global widget
  • Post & portfolio widgets
  • Price Table & Price List
  • Design 404 (errors) page
  • Design header & footer for a page
  • Custom field integration
  • Interactive carousels
  • Role manager
  • Custom fonts
  • Sticky elements
  • Embed anywhere

I suppose it’s hard to resist the “temptation” that Elementor is offering as a page builder at the price they’re offering. It’s still worth to upgrade to the PAID VERSION rather than just sticking to the FREE VERSION if you were to ask us.

Freelancers like us would definitely find the tool handy, it’s also great for those who have ONLINE BUSINESSES & know the methods of how to build HIGHLY CONVERSION-OPTIMIZED PAGES & POSTS.

Otherwise, feel free to inquire if you’re interesting in seeking out for professionals from YUPMS to scale your digital marketing endeavors.

Wide integration with any themes & extensions is the game-changer

Elementor's integration list

If you’re familiar with WordPress / other website builders (CMS), you should know the importance of INTEGRATION with other software.

In specific, other extensions within the WordPress ecosystem. If the plugin doesn’t “play well” with other plugins. That’s the beginning of tonnes of trouble-shooting & optimizing the WordPress site.

By far, there are no issues in THIS WEBSITE & our client’s websites that use Elementor for building pages & posts. It doesn’t cause any SEVERE TROUBLE to the website like security & performance issues.

Integration with POPULAR SOFTWARE & PLATFORMS = MORE BRAND AWARENESS & A LARGER AUDIENCE BASED. Not limited to just a specific type of audience within a certain platform like Facebook pages / other social media business pages.

Having a “stunning-looking” & website built with performance & user experience in mind is the ESSENTIAL FACTOR towards converting site visitors into customers. Every entrepreneur’s biggest goal while marketing their product / services on the internet.

How do you think about YUPMS’s version of building landing pages with Elementor? Do leave your thoughts at the comments section below, all comments are welcome. Because it’s public 😉

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